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Back In Stalls

Size             Stall Size             6 month     1 Year

X Small       Up to 20’               $390/65m   $715/59.58m
Small           Up to 25’               $420/70m   $770/64.17m
Medium      Up to 30’               $450/75m   $825/68.75m
Large           Up to 35’              $480/80m   $880/73.33m
X Large       Up to 40’               $510/85m    $935/79.91m
X Lrg/Wide Up to 45’              $540/90m    $990/82.50m

Pull Through Stalls

Small          up to 30’               $510/85m   $935/79.91m
Medium      up to 35’               $570/95m   $1045/87.08m
Large          up to 50’               $630/105m $1155/96.25m


$20 refundable deposit is required per key fob
All Units must be in good repair and movable at anytime
We have the right to refuse any RV 

Indoor Tent Storage

$80 per month for motorcycle, $170 for car
$200 per month for boat

All prices are subject to GST /May 2024

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